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Jennifer Ormond is a wife, mom to four young children, owner of a small chain of coffee shops called Coffee Break Cafe located in Quincy Massachusetts, and a top selling children’s book author. She is very active in her local community. Adapting meals for her 4 kids (3 with food allergies) is also a passion. Always keeping busy and trying to do what is right by her family, business, and the environment, Mommy Business seemed like it was the perfect fit. It is sometimes difficult to navigate through so much information; keeping it simple is often the best solution.



As the owner of Healthy Homes Cleaning, Melissa Kaye is a green-living expert. And as a wife and mom to three amazing children, ages 4-14, she calls herself the “Queen of Realistic Green.” Melissa loves to cook and has mastered allergen-free baking and cooking as a result of the allergies in her family. Learning how to juggle the many tasks a mom must handle on any given day can be a challenge. Melissa loves to connect and share with other parents, so Mommy Business is a natural fit!

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