Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Mommies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful, relaxed day with their families.

Thanksgiving Prep

I hope everyone is trying our 15 Minute Challenge before Thanksgiving! It’s helping me clear out things we don’t need and keep the house (somewhat) in order before the holiday. And because I’m not dedicating a full morning (or day!) to cleaning the house, I’m a little more relaxed about prepping the food and packing for our trip to CT.  We’re making gluten free stuffing and carrot cake with brown sugar frosting.  Just the idea of that cake is making my mouth water!

The 15 Minute Challenge: Set your timer for 15 minutes and walk through your home, quickly picking up anything out of place. Pick a task to focus on, like dusting, picking up laundry and toys, or collecting things for donation!

Have a Happy, healthy Thanksgiving!


First Show!

We’re excited to have our first show aired and under our belt. Let us know your thoughts and what topics you want to hear about! ….