Mind Body Green Published My Post – 6 Common Myths About The Vagina!

Thank you Mind Body Green for sharing my newest post!

For some reason we just don’t talk about the vagina in a positive manner as much as we should.  I have heard some disappointing remarks about vaginas from both men and women recently, which is what inspired me to write this.

Read it here, share and enjoy!



  1. Awesome post Jen, I am so delighted it was shared.

  2. I read this saying Hell yes! the entire way through. Recently had a conversation with 6 women ranging in age from 25 to 61 and not a single one of them excluding myself (49) had anything nice to say about their own or vaginas in general. It is beyond my comprehension how we can find this body part so ugly and disliked. And I then thought about my own daughter (27)soon to have her first baby and panicked a little wondering if I had conveyed enough of the importance of self love to her….her response was don’t be silly Mum , of course you did! Loved this article, it says everything I feel about my vagina. Thank you

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