Keeping up with resolutions…..NaBloPoMo day 2

Today’s prompt:  Do you usually keep your resolutions? Tell us about a time when you were particularly successful.


In thinking about resolutions, it isn’t a once a year kind of thing for me.

Being a parent of school aged children, I feel like we are given the opportunity to have a few “new starts”. When school starts in September I always feel like I am starting new and fresh. Having the kids at school gives me a chance to think straight a little bit and get organized. I think a lot of parents start new fitness routines in September and kind of kick start their resolutions on a smaller scale. I do anyway.

It was a year ago this past September that I decided to make our family GMO free. I had also decided to take up taekwondo two years ago this past September.

Spring is another time where I feel like I check in with myself and see where I am at. In the spring we get a few more hours of daylight and the warmth makes me want to get outside and walk, ride my bike or take a hike.

Last year I made a fabulous resolution that I have kept to, and will make it my life rule.  I tend to have a bad book habit.  I purchase more books than I can read.  They pile up and become dust collectors. (embarrassed that I am attaching a real picture of my bedside table with those dust collectors) I love to read, but with four children, a small business to run, and a gazillion other things on my plate, I find that I only have 15-30 minutes to read each day before I drop off to sleep so I tend to take a long time to get through a book.  My resolution was: to not buy any new books until I had read the ones I own.  Once I had finished a book, I promised to either lend it somebody or donate it to the library.  I really stuck to that all of last year and have continued.




From that picture it doesn’t look like I have given away many but I really made a dent in the pile this past year.  🙂

Keeping resolutions simple and true helps me to stick to them.  Checking in frequently also helps.

Happy New Year!