Fish Food In The Sock Drawer…. Totally Normal, Right?

I don’t know about you, but laundry hanging out of every drawer and stacked up on top of the bureau makes me NUTS!  Today I couldn’t take it anymore so I stopped what I was doing and started sorting out my oldest son’s drawer.

This is a real bureau in my house right now as you read :-(

My son’s bureau

Not only did I find toddler sized socks (he’s 15 😳) but I also found size 5T jammies.

I also found a bottle of fish food that was dumped on the bottom, who knows when….

Dried up, old fish food!

Dried up, old fish food!

I shook out each pair of underwear and each pair of socks and little dried up pieces of fish food fell out of them.

So this leads me to believe a few things.

First of all, one of the kids spilled fish food into another kid’s underwear drawer and didn’t clean it up.  They also didn’t tell anybody or ask for help cleaning it up.

Fish food WAY too close to the underwear drawer!

Fish food WAY too close to the underwear drawer!

Secondly my two teens (13 and 15) are always arguing over socks so I KNOW they both saw the fish food and decided to just wear the socks with fish food on them and not clean up the mess.

Is wearing fish food socks and underwear itchy?  Smelly?  I’m going to say yes.

Since my 8 year old owns the fish, he is getting the blame for this one.

Clearly the others noticed and ignored it.

Normal, right?


EDIT:  The 15 year old son also happens to be a genius when it comes to anything related to reading, writing or language so I asked him to give me a quick edit on this post and he has a problem with me stating that he wore fish food on his socks and underwear.

He wants it to state clearly here that he did NOT see any fish food in his drawer. 😂


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Let the guilt go!

I realized this morning that at least half of the time I spend talking with Healthy Homes clients is dedicated to counseling clients, new and old. So many people feel some level of guilt or shame over wanting or needing to hire a cleaning service. Never in American history have we seen so many demands on our time as individuals or as parents. It is no surprise that we can not keep up with the carpools, packing lunches, doing laundry, making dinner, planning birthdays, working AND keep the house clean! It’s time to let the guilt and/or shame go! If you need or want help in any aspect of your life, go for it! Think of it as delegating. If you were running a business, would you take care of every single task yourself, or would you delegate tasks to some other capable person so you could focus on tasks more important to you? Hiring a cleaning company, having groceries delivered, calling Doody Calls, or having your teenage neighbor mow your lawn- these are all smart delegating decisions so you can focus your attention and time on other important things- like your family- and not feel so stretched!

Stop beating yourself up and free up some valuable time!

-M 🙂