I’m Sad to See Another Child Poisoned by Laundry Pods!

Brightly Colored Tide Pod
Below is a post I wrote in September of last year. I was horrified to see a similar story in my Facebook feed today. It sounds like the mom of sweet, little Cate was generally very careful with the pods, but it only took one moment, one time. I wish I could reach every family to fill them in on the safer options available! Toxic chemicals just don’t belong in our homes.

Courtesy of Jill Koziol 8 month old Cate in the ICU

Courtesy of Jill Koziol
8 month old Cate in the ICU

My original post from September, 2013, with safe suggestions:

As I was going through my email this afternoon, I saw an email from change.org- a mom asking people to sign a petition to make Tide laundry pods look less like candy so more kids aren’t poisoned like her son was.

Read the story and petition here

I felt instantly torn- so sad for her that they had to go through that and so irritated that companies don’t think these things through, or make changes when almost 6000 children have already been similarly sick from accidental ingestion. BUT, what made me pause is that the author of the petition (and mom to that little boy) was fully aware and did not seem to mind that there are dangerous chemicals in the laundry soap. I do not mean to imply that this was her fault- accidents happen even to the most careful parent, but WHY are people so OK with using chemicals to CLEAN their clothes? Why are so many parents so complacent to use chemicals that we KNOW are dangerous to our health? This is the bigger issue for me. So, I hope this mom gets the attention of Proctor and Gamble, but I’d like to see it taken one step further- get rid of the nasty chemicals and the toxic dyes so that there is no risk of poisoning another child, or the environment!

Bi-O-Kleen makes a safe laundry soap, but my favorite is Eco-Me. I love their natural fragrances and they offer fragrance-free as well.