Why This Mom Loves Pokemon Go!

This mom of four (ages 8,10, 13, and 15) loves Pokémon Go!

When my oldest two were younger and really into Pokémon, I was sometimes pregnant, sometimes nursing and ALWAYS tired.

I could hear them talking about Pikachu and Dragonite and it sounded like a totally different language to me. They read the books, collected the cards, and watched the show. While they watched the show, I would wash dishes, or cook a meal, do laundry, or nurse a younger one. It was rare that I sat next to them and watched an episode.

They ALWAYS asked me to play/watch/listen. They always wanted me to play the game or watch the show with them. They wanted to sit next to me to show me the cards and discuss, at length, the names of the characters, their powers, and what they turned into. At the time, I was too tired, distracted, and just plain confused by the whole thing.




Before I knew it, those cards and books stopped being used. Nobody asked me to sit with them and go over poke cards with them anymore. I was sad. I knew I had missed out on a great bonding time that I could never get back, or so I thought….


My youngest son, who is now 8, loves Pokémon. He isn’t quite as excited as his older brothers were, but does pull out the old cards and always uses his own money to buy more. This time, I am paying attention- I don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to learn about Pokémon (and bond with my little guy!)

Recently, one of my friends on Facebook told me about Pokémon GO.  I hadn’t heard of it, but with a few quick scrolls, I could clearly see this was HUGE. I went to download it and I could see from the App store that somebody in my family already had- I was PSYCHED!


Fast forward two weeks and there are three of us playing. (The two little ones play on my phone while I am driving.) Since we are all competitive, we are having a blast seeing who can get to the next level quickest. We are all helping each other too when we see Pokémon that are in the area and as a team we seek out Poke stops.

I am loving every minute of this. The language is familiar this time around and we are all learning together how to play. I am determined not to miss out on the bonding opportunity this time around!


I feel like this is a chance to take a walk back through the two oldests’ childhoods.

Yes, it can be annoying when I have to sit in a parking lot for an extra 10 minutes at a “gym.”  Yes, it is irritating when we drive a little bit further than the Pokéstop and miss it altogether.  And yes, we had to make an agreement on vacation that we would all put our phones away for a few hours and enjoy real life instead of “Poklife”.



But overall, I am embracing this little phase. I have two teens who WANT to hang with me. Or maybe they don’t necessarily want to, but I know they don’t hate me, like they could. They are fun to be around and we are having so much fun together with this silly little game!


Me and my two oldest :-)

Me and my two oldest 🙂


Here’s the scoop in my humble opinion- we have a super popular video game (more popular than many social networks) that all ages are having fun with. Our children are not shooting people, killing anybody or anything, they are not harming prostitutes or police like in other games. They are catching creatures with really creative names, colors and powers.



Yes, the distraction factor is a real problem.

Yes, I have read that the FBI and the CIA are reading my thoughts, emails, pics and DNA through my agreeing to this little games contract, but since my life is pretty boring, who cares?  Listen away. Listen to us having some fun together. 😉


Jenns Bio Pic 2Jennifer Ormond is a Boston-based entrepreneur, author, radio personality, blogger, mom to 4 amazing kids, and wife.  Lover of business, coffee, writing, children and parenting.  Queen of sarcasm and eternal optimist! 

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  1. greenapples says:

    I’m right there with you. I love that this game is getting kids outside to actually walk and breathe fresh air. It’s also nostalgic, old-school fun. To have my 8 yo daughter super excited to collect these creatures while TAKING A WALK with her 40 yo parents….that’s magical and a total win/win!

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